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Useful Sites

The following online resources may be helpful in providing assistance for various topics ranging from the explicit text of the MPEP to news articles regarding current events and cases pertaining to intellectual property. This list is by no means comprehensive and we will continue to add further links to helpful sites in the future.

Patent Documents

MPEP Online

The USPTO provides both PDF and HTML versions of the MPEP here. We recommend downloading the PDF version to a folder in your computer so it is always available and easily searchable whenever you need it.

Patent Search Section of USPTO Website

The USPTO allows users to search for both issued patents on the left and published applications on the right. While not in a good format for printing, this can be a good search tool for quick key-word searches on an issued patent or published application.


Freepatentsonline.com is a great tool for obtaining copies of patents and published patent applications in a PDF format. Creating a user account is required to obtain the PDF versions.

WIPO PatentScope Search Site

This site can be a good resource to find PCT applications online.


Esp@cenet provides a searchable database of published European patents and patent applications.

Japanese Patent Search Site

This site allows you to obtain Japanese patents that include English abstracts. You can also use the machine translation tool to translate the patents into English. However, while you can generally get the gist of the subject matter, the translation usually has numerous errors.

IP News, Articles and Commentary

Intellectual Property Watch

Intellectual Property Watch presents an international intellectual property perspective, providing news and reports pertaining to international intellectual property policies.

Inventive Step

Inventive Step is a blog that discusses patent law issues and strategies.

IP Watchdog

IP Watchdog provides frequent topical posts on current IP events and issues.


Law360 provides news regarding recent court decisions and guest posts by various practitioners, among other resources.

IP Watchdog provides frequent topical posts on current IP events and issues.


PatentlyO provides analysis and commentary of recent court decisions, occurrences at the USPTO and other events. The site is also the most popular intellectual property blog.

Presumption of Validity

Presumption of Validity is a blog that provides insightful analysis of various patent prosecution topics. The site is maintained by patent attorney Joseph Iskra.

1.8.8. The IP Policy Blog

Author David Connaughton Dr. provides commentary on various IP policy issues, such as the proper scope of patentable subject matter.